FreshBooks: Invoice and Accounting Software For Smal Business

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freshbooks cloud accounting

Need help in organizing your finances? You need FreshBooks. This is a specially designed  finance and accounting software that will make your life a lot easier. A favorite among entrepreneurs and small business owners, FreshBooks has gained a prestigious reputation in the commerce world.  

Winner of Supreme Software Award for 2016 and Finances Online’s Best Accounting Software Award, it is a true standout among similar apps, with it having the highest ratings in terms of customer satisfaction.  If you are interested to know if FreshBooks is for you, read on. 

User Friendly

Favored by over 10 million users, it is easy to see why many are drawn to this application. Many businesses use this primarily for consumer invoicing and time tracking. In addition, many start up business owners and seasoned freelancers like it because it makes monitoring their sales a lot easier. 

Because the app makes it possible to customize documents and add the company logo, every form you send out and file looks more professional. The app’s biggest strengths are its wide array of features as well as its pricing plan options that allows the user to choose the most suitable plan for his needs and budget. 

Reliable and Convenient

FreshBooks takes the hassle out of accounting and financial monitoring. You need not be an accounting genius to manage your business’s finances. With FreshBooks, everything is easy. Now all your invoices, subscriptions, and payments can be handled in one system. 

This saves time, money, and energy and makes it possible for you to focus on the more important aspects of your business. The power to consolidate your financial tasks in one place is the promise of FreshBooks. 

Here you can make transactions using PayPal, Google checkout, and direct credit card payments. Because you can monitor and easily facilitate your accounting tasks, you need not pay a third party to do this for you. It also eliminates the need to get an expensive and complicated  financial software. 

The edge of FreshBooks is that it is versatile. You can enjoy all its amazing functions using your Android or iOS device. Now you can manage your transactions, anytime, anywhere, even on the go. Need to send an invoice to a client while you’re not in the office? Done in seconds. 

Need to make payments ASAP? No worries. You can do it even while having breakfast. The ease in which you can do your business task regardless of where you are and what time of the day it is, makes FreshBooks an indispensable partner for your success. 

And as if they haven’t done enough already, FreshBooks has come out with an even better version of the application. Current users are invited to upgrade and try the new and improved FreshBooks. The upgrade has all the good aspects of the classic FreshBooks but is made faster, easier to use, with a new more efficient interface. 

The focus of the new app is customization, providing users with full control when it comes to the content and look of their invoices. The improved interface is even easier to use and is equipped with an advanced tracking functionality. Other things users can look forward to are the improvements concerning the search filter as well as the invoice conversations and multi-currency expenses. 

If you don’t want to commit fully yet and would want to experience the convenience of FreshBooks, you can avail of their 30-day free trial.

Why Try FreshBooks?

1. New and improved

The creators of FreshBooks understand that handling business finances can be stressful and time consuming especially if accounting is not your strong suit. This is why they work hard to come up with a system that will help business owners address their financial transactions in a faster, more convenient way. 

The classic FreshBooks has been a reliable tool for many years, now it has been revamped to something even better.  The new FreshBooks boasts advanced functionalities but is surprisingly easier to use. Among the aspects we love are the late payment tracking facility, customizable dashboard, smart looking interface, and the ability to interact with your team and business partners. 

2. Very easy to use

Back in the day, an accountant is a must for every business if the owner wants to get a grip on the finances. Maintaining the books and monitoring the influx of money as well as related expenses can be a headache if you are an accounting noob. 

This has been the driving force behind the creation of FreshBooks. It was designed to eliminate the need for a third party and makes it possible for entrepreneurs and freelancers to do their transactions and monitor their finances first hand. Because it was designed for a layman, it is simple, fast, and easy. Its streamlined approach makes this cloud accounting application a very popular tool and is actually used by millions  worldwide. 

3. Compatible with the latest technology

Now that most people rely on their smartphones for their day to day task, your business tools should also be right within your fingertips. This is the beauty of FreshBooks. You can install it in your mobile devices so you can facilitate your transactions in seconds. Your data is sure safe and you can back it up for added security. 

4. Makes billing simple

FreshBooks improved its time tracking facility to make billing simple. Now companies can receive payments through a wide variety of payment channels. In addition, it is easier for you to see which expenses need to be addressed urgently if any, allowing you to make fast decisions and ensure that you are getting a good grip of your inflows and outflows. 

5. Customizable according to your needs

You can personalize FreshBooks in a way that would most suit your style and business needs. Now you can quickly attach files, monitor your billing, and set notifications for delayed payments. In addition, you can rate your projects individually, prioritize your expenses and be reminded of those that need your urgent attention. You can also attach your business logo to your invoice and documents to make them look professional. 

6. Impressive invoicing

With FreshBooks, you can rest assured that your invoices are delivered on time. You will also know when your client receives and opens your invoice to avoid delaying tactics like “Sorry I did not get the bill.” This will give you peace of mind and help avoid misunderstandings between clients. It will also give you supporting proofs should you need to charge for late payments and in case the client files for dispute. 

The new FreshBooks also allows the user to set due dates for invoices, put additional charges for late payments, and use the new  direct online payment facility.  With FreshBooks, you may also easily view your billing history. Because you can see your current and past invoices, you can monitor your income and check if there are any missed payments. In case an invoice is overdue, an automated reminder will be send to your client/s. 

Again, this helps avoid arguments and allow the user to professionally notify someone of missed payments. 

7. Lots of payment channels available

Transactions are made quick and easy with the availability of various payment channels. Visa and MasterCard payments happen in a breeze. Also, it is possible to use Amex, PayPal, and Google Checkout. 

Cloud invoicing can be incorporated with an online payment facility so your clients can pay you faster with a mode that is convenient for them. Recurring billing can be automated so in essence, you won’t have to worry about sending repetitive invoices since FreshBooks will be doing it for you. 

Have transactions overseas? That’s easy with FreshBooks. Their multi-currency facility allows you to bill your clients in their local money. No need for conversions. 

8. Every expense is accounted for.

Need to divide expenses among a client or business partner? Take a photo of the receipt and attach this to a file in FreshBooks to log the price. It is also possible to assign the expense to a specific client or add it to an invoice of your choice. 

This feature ensures that every cash flow is accounted for. Now you won’t shell out cash for nothing. You can also import your expenditures directly from your bank by linking the Expense tool to your credit card or bank account. This way, it is easy to see your day to day expenses and find out for sure if you are making money or losing some.

9. Improved tracking facility for working time

Whether you are paid per project or per hour, you can create and send an invoice to your client faster than ever before. Now you can accurately track your working time and create a corresponding bill for your client. 

FreshBooks makes it possible for you to have an invoice counterpart for your time sheet. No manual calculations involved and you won’t miss a payment anymore. Because the system is objective, arguments over the actual work time are avoided. At the same time, your entire team can also log their working time individually, making it easier for you to pay them.

10. Professional Documentation and Financial Reports

Freshbooks eliminates the need for manual encoding using a spreadsheet which takes time and is susceptible to human error. The app can create your needed financial reports using the data you have already entered. Profit and loss analysis can be made with only a few clicks. 

FreshBooks also makes it possible to make an expenditure report so that business owners can see their monthly expenses. Balance sheets can be managed real time. Tax computations are simplified too. With the use of your existing account records, tax reports can be generated. These can then be converted to a desired format needed by your financial adviser. 

11. Promising future for the already fascinating app

FreshBooks continues to reinvent itself and develop functionalities that could further benefit its users. There is a lot more that one can look forward to in this particular application. The classic version of FreshBooks will continue to exist, allowing users who prefer it to still enjoy its full functions. 

The old FreshBooks will gradually be integrated with the new for a smoother, seamless transition. Innovations will be much more exciting with some possible developments already lined up such as non-invoice income recording, reconciliation of bank accounts, and billing suited for enterprise-grade users.

The Cost of Getting FreshBooks

FreshBooks is known for its flexible plans that can be tailored to the needs and budget of its diverse users. If you want to test the water first and get a feel of what it’s like to have this financial tool in your life, you can avail of the 30-day free trial. 

This is one whole month where you can explore the many functionalities of this software and find out for sure if it will make your transactions easy and breezy. The various plans mainly differ based on the number of active clients you want to send invoice to. The functionalities that every user  have are similar. With this app you can do the following:

  • Access your finances on any device—be it a desktop computer, laptop, or smartphones
  • Send unlimited invoices and customize them
  • Track invoices and get updates when they are opened by the client
  • Accept online credit card payments
  • Add and organize expenses
  • Create automated notifications for late payments as well as charge late payments
  • Backup your data
  • Monitor work time either per project or per client
  • Generate professional looking reports

Here are the pricing details for each specific plan.

Lite – $15/month which allows you to bill up to 5 active clients

Plus – $25/month which allows you to bill up to 50 active clients

Premium – $50/month which allows you to bill up to 500 active clients

You can get discounts when you make annual payments.

FreshBooks truly is a must for every small business owner as well as for freelancers who want to keep track of their finances in a reliable, convenient, and affordable way.  Because it is a cloud based accounting application, your data is secure, easily accessible by you, and can easily be monitored using your smartphone or tablet.