Web Designing Rules for good performance

A web site created for business purposes should be optimized to ensure good performance. A few guidelines to achieve this are listed here.


Avoid Splash pages


Splash pages are the front pages of a web site. It usually displays ‘Welcome’ or ‘Click here to Enter’ messages. They are just showpieces and have no real use. When users reach this page, they may skip the site without even seeing what it has to offer. The best solution is to avoid Splash pages and use an enticing home page to welcome visitors.


Don’t go overboard with banner advertisements


Regulars and even the occasional Net users know that the trash banner advertisements are to be disregarded. You will end up wasting precious space by including them. Instead, include information-rich content with related affiliate links. This will satisfy the visitors and increase your sales, without pushing too hard.


Navigation should be easy and lucid


Avoid complicated Flash-based menus and multi-tiered dropdown menus. If the visitors are not experienced computer users, they will just move away, when confronted with complex menus. A precise navigation menu with clarity is the need of the hour.


Current location of the user to be displayed with clarity


This is very important when the site has many pages. After browsing for long, visitors may get lost and won’t reach the information they are searching for. When they find the situation impossible to unravel, they will leave the site and look elsewhere for the information.


Don’t include audio


Audio is a double-edged sword that is best avoided. It is interesting for the first-time user. However, those using the site for longer duration will find the repetitive audio boring and irritating. If at all audio is necessary, provide controls like mute and volume adjustments.