New benchmark that includes Tomcat's new JDBC pool is available here.

How were the benchmark results obtained?

In order to obtain the fairest database performance metrics:

Where's the code?

The benchmark code is part of the source distribution. Please report back your results!

Single Thread


Multi-Thread 10ms delay

Multi-Thread 25ms delay

Multi-Thread 50ms delay

Multi-Thread 75ms delay

Prepared Statement (single threaded)

Prepared Statement (multi-threaded)

Prepared Statement (multi-threaded, 10ms delay)

Prepared Statement (multi-threaded, 25ms delay)

Prepared Statement (multi-threaded, 50ms delay)

Prepared Statement (multi-threaded, 75ms delay)

What's next?

Have a look at some configuration options or proceed to the download section. You may also wish to view some user comments at the forum.